A Carrier Pigeon Fulfilling Her Mission

My Dearest High-Vibe-Star-Tribe;

It’s the first day of being on the road with Skye, traversing endless desert hills, crossing between Colorado and New Mexico this very moment.  My bus journey ended early this morning, it was a productive 3 days in cerebral solitude in a moving vehicle – one of my favourite activities – and it only continues.  It’s very dry and very hot here, the barren hills of pines and weeds remind me of how blessed we are to have beautiful lush trees.  I’m excited to be in Taos in a couple of hours – I know it will be beautiful, green and peaceful there.

As we all feel, the energies have been extraordinary lately – especially having read up on “the Event Horizon” and solar flares and the age of Aquarius and all other new-age related news – I realized that these articles on the internet are meant to encourage and invigorate us, but they separate us from our own cosmic story – which is pretty juicy! 😉

The Sabian symbol of the lunar month this month is: “Carrier pigeon fulfills her mission” I feel this pretty hard right now! (http://firstcontactgroundcrewteam.com/the-oracle-report-for-friday-september-4-2015/)

On Friday the temple in Taos begins a 24H festivity in which collectively all will chant a mantra (I believe of hari krishna origin) This marks the New Moon, I was hoping to be home at this time, but I’ll be collecting these energies for you all!  The week after, I will be meeting both an “Arcturian master” who will show me some “Arcturian activation portals” on Mt Shasta, and a Rimpoche giving tibetan buddhist empowerments… I feel strongly that these two things are connected, and I will do my best to gather what I can about this! I look forward to bringing back the activations and empowerments to you all, both in actuality as well as my assessment report…

You all have been on my mind and in my field all the time these traveling days, for the first time in my life I’m feeling an intense “missing home”, something I’ve never experienced before in my life, I’m so grateful for you all.

I’m in Taos now, amongst green fields, willow trees, and cute adobe houses… Just had supper at the Hanuman temple beside a giggling creek, now hanging out with a couple of goats and kittens running under cranberry trees, swinging on a swing off two sweet trees on the front lawn of an ex-backup singer of the red hot chilli peppers, who is phenomenal!

I’m here, but my heart is with you all.

Sending you all prayers of peace, cosmic love and infinite bliss. ~ * ❤

Your Red Moon,

Xi 🐦


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