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My dearest friends,

I’m spending the day resting in my home/office for a short while, studying a couple of tantric texts and contemplating the beauty of existence… Last night I had trouble falling asleep, I hold some fears of being rejected by you all, the last thing I want is to come off like a looneybin, I’m obsessed with spirit alchemy and “the upliftment of humanity” during this epic time on Earth… I deeply believe that you my dear companions can greatly benefit from these e-transmissions, both in content and the being-together-in-this-world vibe / I entertain the possible version of reality within which we arrived on Earth in pods, together creating a “ship”, to bring excitement, joy, love and light to our fellow humans in the form of art, music, consciousness and spiritual liberation.
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As we entered Taos, deeply engrossed in the contemplation of my personal place and mission in my tribe, and the world, l look up and spotted almost a dozen large birds flying in a beautiful geometric configuration
As I wander about the property of the ashram, I feel the pre-festival energy begin to roll through the hills and down into the town, the feeling of heart-opening.  I feel the tenseness and anxiety of city-living slowly release, heart chakra prying open with tinges of pain, sadness and grief leaving, being replaced with warmth and lightness.  I take many moments being with the Sun, our source of energy, information, love and security – my cells recognize his/her gentle song, easing each one with love, healing, rejuvenation, regeneration… My body recognizes the information encoded in the light, of love, evolution, peace, abundance… It comforts me that the same sun radiates the same love to all in our solar system… I take moments by the creek to channel this love and peace to you all.
I feel called to share my insights on mayan time-aligning and dreamweaving with you all, I feel that this practice is deeply Taoist (alignment with Time and All That Is) – the Mayan Dreamspell calendar is a way to learn of cosmic energies that help us navigate each day to maximize learning, growth and transformation.  I believe that as star-children, we were born naturally aligned with our soul missions and all experiences to the current moment in time serves purposes as experiential training to be applied to mission(s).  I believe if we are consciously aware of the energies of each day, with our awareness we can exponentially increase the power and depth of the gifts the cosmos bestow upon us each moment.  Coincidentally, today is the final day of a 20 day cycle, (http://mayankin.com/daily-tzolkin/), day of the Yellow Spectral Sun – “Open your heart as a flower to the Sun, becoming the same love that holds the universes together!” ~ (You can find your astrological sign here: http://www.starroot.com/cgi/daycalc.pl / then google your sign for more information – I’ve begun to collect personal notes and insights on several signs but it’s definitely the beginning of a life of compiling for me! For a long time now I’ve checked the energy of the day each day and contemplated on the lessons, gifts and synchronicities of alignment! It’s truly a powerful and awesome system.)
I feel deeply that I have many things to share with you all, insecurities, self-doubt, growing pains keep me from being able to express myself in person or be the fullest expression of myself that I’m learning to anchor (the intention of this trip beside the research on the cross-over between tibetan buddhism and alien friends).  To make things easy, I’ve decided to start a series of emails, 1 for each day (may be delivered late depending on internet access) of the next 20 day tzolkin cycle – The intention behind these e-transmissions are two-fold, for me it will be an exercise in opening my throat chakra, expressing true-self and speaking truths that I am called to speak to my closest friends whom I fear rejection from the most, also creating a root-chakra healing in my bond, dedication and devotion to you all.  I’m driven by a sense of urgency in unleashing the massive collections of compassion onto the greater collective of humanity – and true work can only begin when we ourselves are awakened fully to our authentic galactic origin, activated our bodies, and cleared of conditions and residual blocked energies.  I believe I have gone through a series of intense activations so that I can be of service to my galactic star-tribe at this time – use me!  I love you!  We are star-children!  Times of speculation and awe are coming to an end as we enter courageously into the next phase of our being-together: acceptance of our solar heritage, acceptance of our superpowers free of doubt empowered synergistically by each other…
You don’t have to reply to these emails, but feedback and questions and suggestions and acceptance and love is always appreciated!
The Sun smiles infinite blessings of love and bliss to you,
Xi 🐦

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