161: Red Dragon :: Establishing Trust

Good morning Peace-Brigade!

We begin our 20-days of transmissions with the Red Resonant Dragon energy, I dedicate this day to purification, cultivation of kundalini energy, using our internal fires to burn away thought-forms, blockages and habits that doesn’t bring us happiness and enjoyment.  The Red Dragon is connected to the Root Chakra, helping us establish trust in our abilities to navigate the world and provide us with security and nourishment. In my personal experience, people of Red Dragon energies bring me higher awareness of my body, enhancing the feeling of unity of all my cells, creating a sense of entirety – moving all parts simultaneously – coherency makes the body feel lighter, connection between mind and body becomes clearer, thinner (ref: mushrooms, veteran use of ketamine)
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Last night I read a book on Dzogchen practices (which felt eerily familiar) – according to this master of lineage, Dzogchen is practiced in 13 different solar systems, the information is downloaded by masters who “were born from higher dimensions” or “deities” incarnate.  When not referred to as Lamas, Masters or Gurus, new-age terminology simply refer to them as “aliens” 😅.  The texts transmit awareness of our different bodies, physical, subtle and consciousness, which is essentially the key to enlightenment and liberation, as awareness of our wholeness – self-realization – is ultimately simply that!
It’s become apparent that my life up to this point has been a thorough preparation for the bodhisattva work I’ve come to Earth to do.  I believe that this is what we’ve all come here to do, and I’m overjoyed that our game-plan this time is way more exciting than previous missions (for example monasteries, restriction, secrecy, spiritual sensationalism…)  I believe that music, dancing and “retreat” festivals entirely of our design are the experiential healing modality that we will be working on.  Conscious, mindful, activated guides of psychedelic drug use included.  This sort of revolutionary spiritual work is extremely exciting and our reality!  What an exciting time to be alive?!  With the technology and social situation we have at hand this time around, I’d say this is way more stimulating than being on mountains meditating (which is also really fun and we should all do it together sometime… maybe many times.)  There simply is no better meditation in aligning all our bodies than through Dance.  It is the most powerful way we can share our energies with others.  It’s also probably the most fun way.  I don’t think our shared interest in raves and dance rituals is obsolete, and together we’ve done enough research to know exactly what needs to shift, evolve, expand and – become. – ! \ 😂 / !
The story of my awakening has been enchanting.  I’d like to share it with you all, in person will be better.  It’s taken me over a year to integrate this reality, the possibility of being one of these “aliens” arriving on Earth with some sort of modality to alleviate suffering.  There were moments when it dawned on me that I might have to meditatite for 10 years (I’d submit if that’s what is required of me) but that just doesn’t sound like fun.  I don’t personally believe that enlightenment is when you meditate to such a high plane that you dematerialize altogether… I think that’s even a bit backwards cause we all incarnate in physical bodies because we like sensuality, we like sweet tastes and gentle caresses and fragrant smells… if we wanted to dematerialize we’d just die and go back to being universal energy…
It’s a funny experience, being at the stage of being 21 years-old in the lifetime of a “Guru”.  Thank the Heavens it’s this time-period of self-liberation and self-becoming-deity – The idea of being a Guru in the traditional sense makes me cringe a little bit.. 😜 The most appealing life-experience to me at this time is being with you all and developing the craziest, ascension oriented, cosmic energy blasting social technologies!
It’s really feels like walking right into a higher dimension… Effortlessly… As if we’d planned this all along…
I wish to empower you with excitement for our 5th dimensional existence (transmission in person soon!) and TRUST in our galactic heritage and wisdom, power, awareness that we already have!  You are my siblings, I feel as a sister who’s had the right circumstances and fluidity in life to be able to respond to spontaneous activations, and who now has undergone enough anchoring and integration of higher-dimensional existence to now be completely at your service in your own complete purifications and full-activations.
I still can’t believe that this trip has turned into a research project in discovering direct correlations between “ancient” texts and aliens, and our galactic journey.  Life is too AWESOME?!
That’s all for today – tomorrow is the festival – 24H of collective chanting dedicated to purification and heart-opening… aided by the energy of the Red Dragon – I’ll be channeling this energy to you MTL posse!  Meditate in the evening time to receive maximum benefit!  If I had more money I would buy you all a moon-stone to charge through the trip, but instead I will charge a large quartz and relay the energies to your crystals at a later time… Should there be some monies that could be sent my way, I’d be ecstatic to be able to pick up gifts on the trip… 😉
CRAZY LOVE & INFINITE BLISS & Forever giggles !
Xi 🐦

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