162. White Wind :: Farewell to Doubt

Sunny afternoon dear Star-Tribe;

My favourite snap from yesterday ^
I thought I’d be chanting and getting high off mantras in the temple yesterday, but Baba had other plans for me.  In the early afternoon I met new friends in the kids village, Sam and his three half Chinese daughters.  He asked me where I was born, I told him between Mongolia and North Korea, he told me that my ancestors were reindeer nomad people, and that I was a Shaman woman.  Before I could express my uncertainty with the use of term “Shaman” to him, he continued to say that the word Shaman derives from a northern Asian language Evenki – which ultimately derived from sanskrit word श्रमण (śramaṇá) roughly meaning exhausted monk.  Skye told me that if I left in the middle of the festival then I wouldn’t be allowed back in.  For a moment I became fearful of the Guru, doubting in my own will and judgement – but decided that fear of the Guru is bullshit.  I asked Baba if it was alright to leave Bhandara, he said something along the lines of “choose your adventure.”  I was bored of chanting sanskrit mantras, so off I went.  When I arrived at their humble adobe house, my jaw dropped as I realized that these living conditions, some even far worse, are a reality for many people on Earth.  He said: “you grew up in China right? so you’ll be alright sleeping on the floor with us.”  Sam was exhausted from having baked bread all week to make enough money to feed his family.  We smoked some weed and his eyeballs moved around like a space-being.
To me when people of white wind energy show up in my life it signifies the beginning of new projects, the arrival of momentum necessary to carry out the physical manifestation of these projects.  The wind carries messages for us to receive from our companions and the universe.  When we take a conscious breath, the wind brings refreshing awareness.

It may come to you as a surprise that I’ve suddenly begun to write to you in such an intense manner.  I’m deciding to relax a little bit… I hope you excuse my excessive feelings of urgency.  Each day I see more and more clearly the depth and amount of work there is to do here, and growing skeptical of traditional spiritual teachings which mostly state that buddhahood and enlightenment can only be achieved at time of death after decades of meditation and chanting to some obscure Guru sent here from the heavens.  I think it’s silly and dangerous to take away all responsibility from each and every individual to find their own soul, essence, being, GOD, and outdated by only a few thousand years… Which is NOT an arduous, laborious task that’s going to take decades, in fact with dedication and sincerity opens up a portal for all to ENJOY life in the 3D which is why it exists.  How silly for spiritual advancement to become a serious task?

One more pet peeve surrounding spiritual matters is obsession with the word “enlightenment” and total disregard for the fact that the body is such a brilliant piece of art and not something we entered just so that we can learn how to leave it again through devoting all our time in it to practices.
Alas my friends, I’m very tired and very grateful and very blissed out and remain in constant fascination.
Xi 🐦

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