Baba’s Blessing, A Seed Blossoms

Dearest Friends,

I absent mindly, while kicking and screaming about how powerful the energies these days are, forgot that my own day might get really interesting… Well shortly after booking my bus back to Montreal, I went to the Ashram and sat by the creek in the Merry Gardens.  On my way there I held only one prayer in my mind, and that is for a smooth journey home without delays by greyhound.  Once there, I smoked some weed, and entered a watery, glittering, cartoonish reality.  I’m met by a man with speckled white hair who began to animatedly tell a story: “I had a really vivid dream just now, I just got up from a nap, it’s the first hanuman dream I’ve ever had!  In my dream I was taking Ananda to the bus station.  I kept telling her that we were gonna make it.  It’s Hanuman’s bus and it’ll take you to where you need to go, smoothly and safely!  We get on the bus and it goes, when we open the door we were in Canada! I yelled: “Hey look, we’re in Canada!”. I just kept telling her, the bus was Hanuman’s bus and it was gonna take you there!  But we went to Canada! How peculiar!”
I stared at him wide-eyed: “I had just booked a bus to Canada, and was just praying for smooth sailing moments ago!”  He ran over in ecstatic joy and gave me a high-five.  Jai!  That’s how things work around here!
He ran off after his cigarette, and a young guardian of the temple, Greg, remains smiling contently at a plate of food he held in his hands.  He looked over at me, I say sweetly: “You know, this is the best self-organizing space I’ve ever experienced.  What’s the deal?”  He smiles gently: “Well, you know when two people meet, their energies combine into a new thing or space that is is uniquely that.  When a group of people come together with a similar vision, intention, all connected to all that is and the grand intention / field, then an interesting thing begins to happen.  I believe that the universe is constantly interacting with us, through everything, it’s just that most of the time we aren’t paying attention to receiving its messages.  I told him briefly about La Plante and orbiting pods, this seeming state of transition for the organic living energetic community of people surrounding the space, that the Plant seem to be a spirit organizing and manifestating itself through time, and the humans surrounding the spirit are beginning to love each other in deeper ways.  He calmed relays: “You know when a space of one vision / intention goes a period of time in a certain energy or way, when the time of transformation comes residual habitual feelings remain.  The best thing to do would be a ritual, a celebration of the individuals involved in the intentional community and a rediscovery and reminder, empowerment and renewal of the vision!”  He smiles brightly, like a monkey, he finished his food, he handed me a chalisa CD.   I felt the spirit of the Ashram so strongly, Baba was giving us a blessing!
By this point I was overflowing with contentment and excitement, I couldn’t hold back my giggles of happiness the whole way to the main Ashram building, I found a table in the library and sat down to journal.  On the table I see a very small green cricket, I exclaim: “Oh, how cute!”  An angel a meter away looks up from her book and joins me in the admiration of this cricket.  I pull our Owen’s camera and she comes and sits beside me.  She opens her book and asked me to take a photo of a quote she was reading so I can send it to her, it’s George Washington’s farewell address.

~ “It will be worthy of a free, an enlightened, and at no period a great, nation to give to mankind the magnanimous and too novel example of a people always guided by an exalted justice and benevolence. Who can doubt that, in the course of time and things, the fruits of such a plan would richly repay any temporary advantages which might be lost by a steady adherence to it? Can it be that provenance has not connected the permanent facility of a nation with its virtue?” ~

I realize that this was the initiation of America, the guiding intention for this budding community, country, on Earth.  Capitalism and Materialism are tests, and we are remembering that freedom and happiness are our birth right.

The recent ugly affairs, city pestering the Plant about our garden, and the city dismantling a lovely communal space created by the residents who live there to enjoy in daily life, without warning and with conviction, has stirred up much disappointment, sadness, but invigoration.  The unfortunate connection in a microcosmic scale of this event to colonization and asserting power over native peoples is apparent yet subordinate to the terribly upsetting realization that this is a fine reminder for all citizens to realize that society, or the governors of society, have forgotten the essential aspects of Life – love, joy and happiness.

Her name turns out to be Micaela, I think of the Archangel, she definitely glowed like one.  She told me that in this moment she was saying anything Spirit wants her to relay to me: “age doesn’t matter, you can achieve what you want, don’t let your age create any doubt in you.  Trust in yourself, because you are there.  Receive miracles.  Nobody cares about grammar because what you transmit will be perfect to the the intended audience no matter what.  Baby crickets are harbingers of a sign – that a baby boy may be born soon.  Crystal children are being born, they are pure joy, pure love.”

So it becomes clear that a sanctuary, living community is to be birthed in Montreal, which were the visions had a year ago.  I met Rich so that I could be brought to Baba’s temple, and experience the experiential teachings, upgrades and activations.  This is my current understanding of the situation.


Xi 🐦


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