179. Blue Storm ::Wave-X & Transformation

Dearest Star-Tribe,

I spent the majority of the 28th in bed, swimming in the energies that are raining down on us.  I think many people were expecting some sort of big event to happen, looking outwards for catastrophe, celebration or some sort of happening attraction.  After a 17 hour slumber, and a walk in the rain, I’ve returned to my nest paying good attention to how my body is feeling and perceiving, receiving.  It’s no coincidence that this wave of transformative cosmic energy lands on the day of Blue Storm, the day in which the electrical circuits of our bodies are rewired, reconfigured to hold more light, transmutating the negative blocked crystals of energy in our many layers of bodies into light.

To my understanding this wave of energy will continue to heal, cleanse and transform us for the years to come, reaching some point of completion in 2018.  The best thing to do around this time is to remain calm, though it may seem like nothing extreme is happening, strong energies are pouring in from the cosmos and our bodies are under immense pressure to adjust and transfigure!  Be kind to yourself.  You may have headaches, flu-like symptoms, pressures within your body,  take note of the parts of your body that are feeling discomfort and intentionally help your body heal these parts by sending healing comfort and heart-energy.  It may be worthwhile to fast for a few days giving the digestive system a well-deserved break!  Fasts are especially helpful during this time of cleansing as the body will use or release any sick, toxic cells and wastes.  Digestion uses 60% of the body’s energy and is a process that rarely gets a break!  You’ll find that you’ll have even more energy than usual, especially during the first day, after the first 3 days.  Lemon water and green juices are recommended, fruits that are acidic and high in sugars are not recommended during a cleansing fast.

The world is a place of magic and splendour.

The ascended Earth is upon us.
She’s waiting for us to waken from our deep slumber, and clean up the mess that older generations have created in the Earth and our collective psyche, though not in vain!  I say between having to work hard to de-condition ourselves now and having technologies and science, or still living in hunting and gathering societies, I would have wanted the comfort and efficiency of technologies – I think it was all worth it – if we can successfully bring the collective back from our temporary amnesia.
Cosmic love & infinite bliss,
Xi 🐦

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