My body a seedling


All the time I think “damn I wish I’d started my blog a year ago because it’s so difficult to write now” but then I realize I should just start from where I am because other wise I’ll say the same thing still next year.  It’s difficult to begin now because so much is happening.

Winter is really taking her sweet time this year, riding into April still waking up to snow on the ground.  The last couple of days have been relentless in the release of remaining fear and doubt ~ I feel the intensity rising exponentially ~ It’s been a long time of clearing and healing and learning, and I feel a massive transition close ahead, breakthrough is near.

While on a stroll the other morning suddenly I saw in my root chakra a small plant, a sprouting seedling.  It was green, glowing in rich, dark soil, albeit very young and delicate.  I suddenly felt planted on the Earth, with renewed appreciation and tenderness for myself.  Refreshing clarity in the fact that I am a young body in the process of embodying an infinite consciousness.  That this young body underwent traumatic experiences this lifetime learn about contrast and through lack learn of compassion and unconditional love, through depression learn of infinite joy.  All there is Life, and Time, and this is the very beautiful miracle.


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