149. Red Moon :: Buddha Transmission

“We are what we think, all that we are arises within our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.”   — Buddha

It’s time to deconstruct ancient teachings to acquire their functions to help us develop, grow and succeed in our bodies and reality.  Many people adhere to Buddhist teachings, chasing after a peaceful mind and punishing the self for craving.  I happen to think that if each being was not twisted up into funny shapes by social norms and a rotten media, then there would simply be no fussing, and no suffering that leads to craving for satiety by physical comfort means.  Forgiveness is a great aspect of Compassion.  In forgiveness we make room to move forward in grace and peace.  If we tap into the Consciousness of Gaia, we learn that she is patient and forgiving.  Let us take a deeper peek into the quotations often misheard, as they hold many dimensions of meaning, each significant to receiving the most out of the lessons.

We are what we think, all that we are arises within out thoughts.  This is true through an understanding of being a creator being and knowledge of the Law of Attraction.  If we believe that we are in fact pure creations of nature, created for the sake of experience and creation, then we are sovereign and free to do that which we desire.  Have you ever seen an evil new-born baby?  The purity and joy emanating from a consciousness freshly embodied is that of pure exuberance and curiosity.  Take a look around, are not all things beautiful and full of a mysterious splendour?  The birds sing mystical harmonies and the sun eternally pours a life-giving liquid elixir of light into each living cell on the Earth.  Genius is in the orchestration, and time has proven to us all that the All knows exactly what they’re doing!  From these brilliant bodies that house our infinite intelligence, to the formations of mountains, crystals, all living beings and solar systems are proof that the organization that exists in the Universe is not blind.  And so when we take all this into consideration, we realize that the “we” spoken in “all that we are” can refer to not only an individual human being, but we a collection of all of material existence, arising from a non-material force of energy, or “thought”.  This is a macrocosmic way of perceiving this phrase.

Spiralling in, each layer of expansiveness or complexity or dimension of being is responsible for their own conscious creation and organization of matter.  This is what the Dalai Llama meant when he said prayer to God wasn’t an effective way to stop the wars and famine on Earth because these were mistakes and disasters that the Humans have created ourselves.  A single human consciousness will likely never be responsible for creating new stars and shaping new galaxies, but a single human consciousness can create a garden in his backyard, hold barbecues for his neighbours and friends, and this increases his general happiness and fulfillment, does it not?

“We are what we think, all that we are arises within our thoughts.”  This is quite literally understood on the individual level, as we program our consciousness and daily experience with how we express and describe ourselves and our experience, ref. neuro-linguistic programming.  Pouring out from within, as we accept and return to our true nature that is of loving kindness and curiosity, our consciousness begin to shape the World around us.

With our thoughts we make the world.  We are each free to dream up a reality for ourselves to live and experience, though since we share our environment with many living entities there are certain regulations or etiquettes we should heed.  This is what Jesus taught us, that God made the world for us to Enjoy as Heaven, but we must be kind to each other and all our living friends.  We can develop our technologies and create a more comfortable living environment for ourselves, so long as it doesn’t disturb the eco-systems of the Earth and destroy the habitats of other organisms.  We can even play with sticks and swords, in sport, but to harm and violate the free-will and well-being of others is obviously against right moral conduct.

With our thoughts we make the world.  Think for yourself for a second, what kind of reality would you most prefer to live in?  What colours and shapes, sights and smells send tingles of bliss through your body?  What infrastructures do you most want to live in?  Have you always been taught that there is only replicated brick-houses and regurgitation of meaningless things?  You have your own Body to keep for a life-time of discovery, experience, creation and joy.  What do you want to leave behind as your legacy?  Knowledge and science has created a rift between mentally stored information and embodied action.  What can you create with what you know?

With our thoughts we make the world.  I think of a world of Love and Acceptance, of Compassion and Effortless Joy.  I think of a world of ever flowering trees and an abundance of Life.  I think of a world free of oppression and judgement, where each unique emanation of Consciousness embodied is Free to express themselves in anyway (as long as it doesn’t violate or harm another.)  I think of a world of limitless possibility and co-operation, where the many come together to manifest miraculous structures and generate brilliance and splendour for All to enjoy.  This is the kind of world I want to leave to my Children.

We each have the power to create the experiences and sculpt the World together into a Heaven that we all can envision.  Look around, how can I beautify my Life and bring Joy to the World today?  I’m off to plant some Sun Flowers… ~ Peace.


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